Past Conferences

2022 Kentucky Library Association (KLA) Annual Conference "One Profession, One Purpose"

2022 Kentucky Public Library Association (KPLA) Spring Conference

2021 Kentucky Library Association (KLA) Annual Conference "Stronger Together: Taking Charge of Change"

2019 KLA/Kentucky Association of School Librarians (KASL) Joint Annual Conference "Rethinking the Way we Library"

2018 KLA/KASL Joint Annual Conference "Libraries Cultivate Lifelong Learning"

2017 KLA/KASL Joint Annual Conference "Navigating Change"

2016 KLA/KASL Joint Annual Conference "Community Vision: Our Future"

2015 KLA/KASL Joint Annual Conference "Standing Up & Standing Out"

2014 KLA/KASL Joint Annual Conference "Libraries Leading The Way In The Information Age"

2013 KLA/KASL Joint Annual Conference "Communicate...Communicate...Create...Celebrate"

2012 KLA/Kentucky School Media Association (KSMA) Joint Annual Conference "Kentucky Libraries...For Every Chapter Of Your Life"

2011 KLA/KSMA Joint Annual Conference "Information...The Library Super Power"

2010 KLA/KSMA Joint Annual Conference "In These Extraordinary Times...Libraries Now More Than Ever"

2009 KLA/KSMA Joint Annual Conference "In an Ever Changing World, Experience it at Your Library"

2008 KLA/National Diversity in Libraries Conference/KSMA/SELA Joint Annual Conference "Spectrum of the Future"

2007 KLA/KSMA Joint Annual Conference "Building and Strengthening Communities: Advocating Our Future"

2006 KLA/KSMA Joint Annual Conference "A Century of Change: From Carnegie to Gates"

2005 KLA/KSMA Joint Annual Conference "Study the Past, Experience the Present, See the Future @ your library"

2004 KLA/KSMA Joint Annual Conference "One Profession, One Purpose, One Promise"