The William H. Natcher Award

The William H. Natcher Award is given annually to an individual, organization, or corporation that has made a significant philanthropic contribution to a Kentucky library. The contribution may be monetary, or equipment.

2018 Duke Energy Foundation
2017 PNC Foundation
2016 Don Ershig, Ershig Properties
2015 Don & Cathy Jacobs
2014 Keeneland Foundation
2013 Dr. Jack D. Ellis
2012 Jim & Darlene Johnson
2011 Mr. Dan Groneck & the team at U.S. Bank, NKY Market

2010 Dr. Paul Maddox
2009 J. C. and Azalie Egnew

2008 Harold Tomlinson
2007 Rosemary and Mark Schlachter
2006 Emily W. Hundley
2005 Ashland Inc.
2004 Carleton L. West
2003 Dr. Thomas D. Clark
2002 Robert L. Holloway
2001 Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc.
2000 Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine of Siena
1999 E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
1998 William T. Young
1997 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones, Sr.
1996 Lucille Caudill Little
1995 Mary Bingham
1994 William H. Natcher

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to a Kentucky librarian who has contributed significantly to our profession through publications, presentations, and participation in professional library and/or information organizations. Nominees must be or have been a KLA member for 10 years, sustained record of service to the Association, and not a current Executive Board member of the Association.

2018 Kathy Mansfield
2017 Judith Gibbons
2016 Leoma Dunn
2015 Terri Grief
2014 Emmalee Hill Hoover
2013 Janet Stith (Tie),
Linda Kompanik (Tie)
2012 Wayne Onkst
2011 Linda Perkins

2010 Pam Federspiel

2009 Carolyn Tassie
2008 Judith Burdine
2007 Carol Nutter
2006 James Nelson
2005 Sue Burch
2004 Geneva Pullen
2003 Linda Stith
2002 Phil Carrico
2001 Evelyn Richardson
2000 Ellen Hellard


  • Carol J. Parris Mentoring Award
    2017 Janet Lanham
    2016 Kay Morrow
    2015 Valerie Perry
    2014 Mary Taylor Huntsman
    2013 Not Awarded
    2012 Trenia Napier
    2011 Michael Whiteman

    2010 Shawn Livingston
    2009 Elaine Allen
    2008 Marie Liang
    2007 Jackie White
    2006 Laura Davison
  • Intellectual Freedom
    2017 Michelle Lemon
    2016 Kim Hardin
    2010 Dr. Ron Critchfield

    2007 Barbara Caron

    2000 Emmalee Hoover
  • James A. Nelson Library Advocate Award
    2017 Susie Lawrence
    2016 Lisa Rice
    2014 Mary Lynn Collins
    2013 Kathy Mansfield
    2012 Dave Schroeder
    2011 Linda Kompanik

    2010 J. C. Morgan
    2009 Paul Poland
    2008 Judith Gibbons
    2007 Evelyn Richardson
    2006 James E. Lee Jr.
  • Kentucky Libraries Outstanding Feature Articles
    2017 Judy Sackett and Kopana Terry: "Making Oral History Interviews Accessible at the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History"
    2016 Marty Bowman and Cynthia Houston: "Listen To Our Voices! Sources and Services for members of the 'Austism Nation' "
    2015 George Ella Lyons
    2014 Arne Almquist "Bridging Gaps: Strengthening Libraries and Changing Lives"
    2013 John Chenault "Investigating and Improving Medical Education and Library Resources at the Tamale Teaching Hospital in Northern Ghana: A Case Report"
    2012 Debbra Tate & Amanda Peach "The Big Payback: Making a Case for Urban Lit in Ketucky's Libraries"
    2011 John Schlipp “Creative Thinking: A Student-Centered Approach to Plagiarism and Copyright”

    2010 Cindy Judd and Nicole Masica Montgomery, "LibGuides and Librarians: Connecting Con-tent and Community"
    2009 Lisa Nichols, "Pushing Your IL Program Forward: Five Lessons from My Immersion Experience"
    2008 Martha Decker and Jennifer Little "EDEE Award: An Academic Library Honors Student Achievement--A Collaboration Case Study"
    2007 Cynthia Houston "Reconsidering Regionalism: Looking at Genre, Character, Themes, and Settings in Kentucky Children's Literature"
    2006 Cynthia Houston "Jack in Kentucky: Bringing Local Culture to your Library with Folk Tales" and Brad Marcum "Digital Reference: Stress Maker or Savior?"
  • Scholarship For Minority Students
    2011 Charmaine Winfrey

    2010 Tomie Walters
    2009 Yolanda Brack-Jones
    2008 Karen Morrison and Victor Darrigrandi
    2007 Faith Steele


  • Conference Scholarship
    2007 Faith Steele


  • Outstanding Board of Trustees Award
    2011 Jessamine County Public Library Board of Trustees

    2010 Carter County Public Library Board of Trustees
    2009 Warren County Public Library Board of Trustees
  • Conference Scholarship
    2011 Katherine Davenport
    2010 Jeremy Brown


  • Outstanding Academic Librarian Award
    2018 Terry Buckner, Bluegrass Community & Technical College
    2017 Philip Yannarella
    2016 Robin Harris
    2014 Sheree Hubbard Williams
    2010 Perry Bratcher, Northern Kentucky University

    2009 Shelley Wood Burgett, Somerset Community College
    2008 Rose Davis, Western Kentucky University
    2007 Tyler Goldberg, University of Louisville
    2006 Rosemary Meszaros, Western Kentucky University
    2005 (no award presented)
    2004 Carolyn Tassie, Transylvania University
    2003 Carol Nutter, Morehead State University
    2002 Antoinette (Toni) Paris Greider, University of Kentucky
    2001 Elaine Moore, Western Kentucky University
    2000 Sandee McAninch, University of Kentucky
    1999 Connie Foster, Western Kentucky University
    1998 (no award presented)
    1997 Paul Willis, University of Kentucky
    1996 Janet Stith, Medical Center Library, University of Kentucky
    1995 Cynthia Etkin, Western Kentucky University
    1994 Miko Pattie, University of Kentucky
    1993 Threasa Wesley, Northern Kentucky University
    1992 Gail Kennedy, University of Kentucky
    1991 Tom Kirk, Berea College
    1990 (no award presented)
    1989 John Bryant, University of Kentucky
    1988 (no award presented)
    1987 Lois Schultz, Northern Kentucky University
    1986 Jennie Boyarski, Paducah Community College
    1985 Sharon Edge, University of Louisville
  • Professional Development Grant
    2010 Nancy Richey, Susan Martin
    2009 Sean Kinder, Emily Symonds
    2007 Sean Kinder, Beth Kraemer
    2005 Leoma Dunn


  • Barby Hardy Lifetime Achievement Award
    2015 Janet Wells
    2014 Diane Goodwin
    2013 Terri Grief
    2012 Barby Hardy

    Eleanor W. Simmons Memorial Grant
    2015 Jennifer Prall & Dee Dee Ann Webb
    2012 Shauna Burkeen & Rachel Burgin
    2011 Megan Storey

    2010 (Individual) Leslie Wright
    2008 (Individual) Andrea Parson
    2007 (Individual) Jennifer Wetzel
    2006 (Pilot project) Damonica Partin
    2006 (Individual) Brickeal Spears
  • KASL Service Award for School Administrators
    2015 Stephen Tyra
    2014 Greg Quenon
    2013 Keith Thomas Faust
    2012 Beth Mather
    2011 Joshua Porter

    2010 Tammie Franks
    2008 Kim Banta
    2007 Kathy Embry Goff
    2006 Tom Waithen
  • Outstanding School Media Librarian
    2015 Amanda Hurley
    2014 Janet Wells
    2013 Melissa Gardner
    2012 Marion Napier
    2011 Cindy McNary-Atchinson

    2010 Mary Mattingly Elliott
    2009 Laura Younkin
    2007 Sherry Deatrick
    2006 Denise Newbolt
  • KASL Award of Merit
    2015 Kathy Mansfield
    2013 Jennifer Davis
    2012 Kathy Mansfield
    2011 Jason Adkins

    2010 Harrie Buecker
    2008 Sharyon Shartzer
    2007 Melissa Gardner
    2006 Dr. Barbara Wick
  • Donna Hornsby Joint Technology Project Award
    2015 Emily Northcutt
    2013 Elizabeth Riggs & Tara Griffith
    2012 Butler County Middle School
    2010 Eddie Fossett and Laura Younkin

    2008 Emily Demron
    2007 Martha Hamilton and Kay Bush
    2006 Crystal Smallwood and Sheryl Burke
  • Outstanding School Library Web Site Award
    2015 Rachel Burgin
    2013 Kathy Mansfield
    2012 North Hancock Elementary Library Media Center
    2011 Melissa Gardner

    2010 Sally Horowitz
  • KASL Student Technology Award
    2015 Don Allen Slaughter
    2013 Christine McGaughey
    2011 Keeli Sims

    2010 Cole Murray

    2008 Shelby Jones
    2007 Wesley Durham
    KASL Student Technology Award
    2012 Shehane Netthisinghe

  • James E. Gugeler Outstanding Library Trustee Award
    2011 Robbie Dyche

    2010 Helen Northcutt
    2009 Jim Wyrick
    2008 Paul Poland
  • James Harrison Outstanding Outreach Service Award
    2011 Kellie Scott

    2010 Barbara Faris
    2009 Ann Schoenenberer
    2008 Darlene Sargent
    2007 Tom Durbin
    2006 Jim Tucker
  • Margaret F. Willis Community Service Award
    2011 Mark Griffen

    2010 Beverly Cooper

    2009 Michele Lawson
    2008 Brenda Macy
    2007 Helen Williams
    2006 Iris Garrott
  • "Miss Pickle" Outstanding Children's Service Award
    2011 Sherry Bogard

    2010 Monica Edwards
    2009 Rebecca Watson
    2008 Janet Cline

    2007 Patti Richards
    2006 Carol Sexton
  • Outstanding Public Library Service Award
    2011 Lisa Rice

    2010 Debbe Oberhausen
    2009 Wayne Onkst
    2008 Jarrett Boyd
    2007 Charlene Davis
    2006 Judith Gibbons
  • Richardson/Conway Outstanding Library Volunteer Award
    2010 Jean Ellis and Sue Loyall
    2009 Joe Williams
    2008 Jane Conway (posthumously) and Evelyn Richardson
  • Conference Scholarship
    2010 Jussie Minor and Cindy Leach
  • Continuing Education Scholarship
    2010 Jill Siekman
  • Special Librarian of the Year Award
    2017 Nancy Richey
    2016 Michele Ruth, Donna Slaton (tie)

    2015 Ben Rawlins
    2014 Terry Buckner
    2012 Alex Grigg
    2011 Abby Thorne
    2010 James Manasco
    2009 Leoma Dunn
    2008 Enid Wohlstein
    2007 Constance Ard
    2006 William "Bill" Hansen
    2004 Valerie Perry
  • Innovation Award
    2016 Ben Rawlins
    2014 Nancy Richey
    2007 Christie Robinson
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