For millenia, humans have searched for enlightment and the meaning of life.  We have solved the mystery and it lies hidden in our Quest.

Join your fellow seekers of truth as they visit establishments in downtown Louisville looking for knowledge that will set them free.  You will receive your clues and instructions at 6PM at the Conference Registration Desk.  Don't be late!!

Like all such quests, suffering is involved.  This time in the form of truly awful poetry passed down through the ages.  (No...really we made it up but it is really awful.)   This FREE event is open to all conference participants.  (Yes, Speakers & Exhibitors too can join the hunt.)  We'll take you interesting places at your own pace so you can eat, drink and enjoy new and experienced friends.  Prizes will be awarded at the final destination at (somewhere around) 10PM.  (After you have reached a higher plane of understanding, of course.)